For new patients who are experiencing no emergency problems, your initial visits will last approximately one hour each. This visit will help us get acquainted with each other and learn about your goals and desires for your dental treatment. Understanding your concerns regarding your oral health is important so we can include our approach to addressing them in our treatment planning process.

Within the first two visits we will document all existing restorations, and we record your medical history. We photos, including intraoral photos, as well as X-rays, which allow our dentists to examine the jaw’s structure and teeth position, and to determine whether decay exists that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Your teeth will be cleaned by one of our registered dental hygienists. We also will determine if periodontal issues are present that would warrant a deep cleaning.

Oral hygiene instructions are provided, along with suggestions to help you care for your teeth. We will provide an evaluation that outlines your existing dental problems and proposed treatment.

During these initial appointments, our goal is to plant the seeds of patient recognition of what’s going on in terms of their dental health. We gather all the pertinent information so that we can review everything and present a treatment plan.

Our dentists will not perform any moderate to major treatments without you fully understanding why this treatment is being recommended, and without discussing financial options.

We want to make your experience in our office one that leaves you wanting to recommend us to your friends and family. If we fall short on that, please share with us so we might improve. We strive to always be transparent to avoid any surprises.